A Walk through Life

Hung out with Turtol aka Anton and Pai today @ Greenbelt. Due to the bad weather, we had to first contemplate on whether we were really going to hangout or postpone it to another day, cause both of them were commuting. As you can see here, we (or I) thought “Oh well… It’s not raining so hard anymore, so why not?”

Pai was early (as always), and Turtol was late (as always). Turtol kinda slept in and took his nice time to get to Greenbelt. :)) Twas good of you to join us, Turtol. :)) 

Anyway, Pai and I kinda just talked about our bum life, while eating our awesome sauce Tomato and Herbs Pasta @ Cafe Mary Grace. Added a brewed coffee w/ almond cream for me and a brewed coffee w/ vanilla cream for Pai. BAM. Perfect for the weather. 

6 PM - Pai had to leave. Your curfew sucks more than mine, btw. =))) THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT, PAI! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE IT. The Killing Joke has been on my wishlist for a long time now! @__@ Also, I love your stickers! Gonna use them ASAP! 

9 PM - My family and I had to leave to drive my nephew back to his mom’s house that’s all the way in Fairview, so Turtol went home as well. On our way to Fairview, the rain wasn’t more than a drizzle; but when we were on our way back to Manila, it started raining so hard that all the cars had to use their hazard lights. Cray! 

At least we got home safe and sound. Thank you, God, for keeping us safe! :D 

My arms now hurt. I don’t really know why. They just started hurting all of a sudden after I got rained on when we were still in Fairview. :/ Weird. 

How are you guys faring in this weather? Hope you guys are fine! D: Stay safe! 

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