A Walk through Life

Yesterday afternoon, I celebrated my birthday with my block friends. 

Block friends meaning friends since block days. :)) Anyway, some weren’t able to go since one had a football tourney, another had work, another wasn’t permitted to go because of a problem at home. Nevertheless, we actually had fun. Ate at CBD and made them try their awesome possum milkshake! The food was great as always. We obviously pigged out. WE REGRET NOTHING! 

I got some gifts from my friends, and Turtol paid for the food! *gasp* I was supposed to treat! hahaha! Thanks, Turtol.


Fast forward to about 5-something pm, Carlie called. (Miss you, Carlie!) I will not mention here what happened, cause it’s something personal. Anyway, I went to The Fort with Turtol. Actually, I kinda begged Turtol to take me to Anna’s place, cause she’s celebrating her birthday that day, too. Turtol ended up tagging along, cause Juls kinda dragged him upstairs. Had fun with everyone. Drank a bit and was forced to play Dance Central. Talked about some stuff and just had fun.

It was a good day with great company. 

Thanks to everyone who greeted me! Even those people who called me when I was about to fall asleep and shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!” :)) 

My tita also bought me that tribal-patterned top that’s been on my wishlist for quite a long time. Thanks, tita! Also, I bought myself a new book to read! Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami! I’m so excited to read it! I’m almost done with Lullaby! Chuck Palahniuk, you are a genius! A GENIUS! 

That is all! :D Good night! :D Happy birthday to me! XD 

P.S. Top photo grabbed from Khat. Bottom photo from Anna! :D 

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